Coaching Development

Coaching and Support Staff Members

The South West Sydney Academy of Sport supports the development of coaching and support staff members from beginner to elite, within the Academy and externally to the Academy within the Academy region.

Academy program head coaches, coaches, managers, welfare officers, sports trainers and first aid officers within the Academy sports programs are highly qualified, with the majority of coaches holding NCAS Level 2, or above accreditation.

Through its 'Coaches Education' program, the Academy provides oportunities to upskill qualifications and training, to these very dedicated volunteers.

Opportunities to experience sports coaching and training across varied sports is provided and encouraged by the Academy.

Assistant, Trainee and Beginner Coaching

The Academy is committed to providing quality development opportunities for Assistant, Trainee and Beginner coaches, who wish to achieve a higher NCAS standard.

The Academy recommends that all Assistant, Trainee and Beginner coaches complete the Australian Sports Commission 'Beginning Coaching General Principles' course online, through its website.

Any Assistant, Trainee or Beginner coach wishing to participate in the SWSAS 'Coaches Education' program will be required to  attained a successful completion of the Australian Sports Commision 'Beginning Coaching General Principles' - Orientation to Coaching component of the course.

Click on the link to be directed to the Ausport website to see further information on coaching and to register for the ''Beginning Coaching General Principles' online course.

Please note:  This course is provided by the Australian Sports Commission and is not in anyway connected to the operations of the South West Sydney Academy of Sport.

For more details, go to the Australian sports commission website

Coaches Library

* The Academy continues to develop an in-house library of hard copy training manuals, papers and articles relevant to sport and the operation of its Academy sports programs. These items are available for loan through the Academy.

* The Academy also has a number of pieces of high quality fitness testing equipment which are also available for loan.

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