Development Competition

Whilst the primary focus of Academy programs is on individual athlete skill development and education, the Academy recognises the need for athletes to have the opportunity to put techniques learnt into practice in competitive situations.

Where possible, Academy squads compete in inter-Academy competition, such as the ClubsNSW "Your Local Club" Academy Games to showcase their skills and to promote the work of the Academy.

The ClubsNSW "Your Local Club" Academy Games is generally a three-day event hosted by a Regional Academy at the end of school term 1. RASi is the overall organisers of the event, which allows athletes of similar skill level competition with other Regional Academy athletes, across a large number of sports. SWSAS athletes who are in a sport program covered by the RASi Academy Games will travel and stay together ideally as one Academy in an "Athlete Village" environment.


Additional opportunities may arise to compete in friendly exhibition matches against other regional academies. Opportunities may vary from sport to sport, and some opportunities may be scheduled outside the scope of the Academy sports program's season. 

Where opportunities for competition may not exist, the Academy aims to provide additional promotional, or camp-like experience in an effort to showcase the skills and talent of our Academy athletes. This may be done through partnerships with local charitable groups, or through local community sporting events, community promotional days, or by Academy athlete-run coaching and skills clinics.


Academy programs are focused on Development.

The definition 'to compete' has its origins in the Latin, 'competere' which is to "meet or come together; agree or coincide; to be qualified." To compete with or alongside you so that we both may improve and gain something.

It is this definition of 'compete' that the Academy strives for.

Our focus is NOT on winning, but on promoting the Academy's talents through competition WITH, and not against, other Academies.

As such, equalized playing time and opportunity for athletes to develop during competition takes preference over any "must win" scenario.

Academy Games Competition

In 2022, the Your Local Club Academy Games will be hosted by Southern Sports Academy from Friday 8th to Sunday 10th April 2022 across the Wagga region.

The 2021 Your Local Club Academy Games will showcase some of the state's most talented emerging athletes across seven (7) sports including Basketball, Golf, Hockey, Netball, Softball, Aussie Rules and Triathlon. RASi is the owner of the Your Local Club Academy Games and works with the event host academy to co-ordinate the event.

Your Local Club has been the Principle Partner for the Academy Games since its inception, and the Regional Academies of Sport Incorporated is proud to be associated with such a supportive and progressive organisation.

The NSW Government, through the Office of Sport, also provides strong support for the conduct of the Academy Games.

The development of the 'Academy Games' is the first demonstration of the strength and commitment of the RASi network to deliver tangible benefits to athletes throughout NSW.

For more information on the Academy Games please visit the RASi website.

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