Sports Science, Strength and Conditioning


The Academy supports its athletes, coaches, and programs with scientific and technical testing and monitoring. All test protocols are in line with those used at the higher levels of the sport and are generally conducted where available; in line with testing protocols established by the State Sporting Organisations and the NSW Institute of Sport.

The sports science testing may include physical activities such as:

  • the 20m Shuttle Run / Beep Test / Yo-yo Intermittent Test,
  • Vertical Jump Testing,
  • 5m / 10m and 20m sprints,
  • Agility testing,
  • Sit and Reach testing,
  • Functional movement screening, and
  • Strength testing.

Some squads may undertake the opportunity to have their training / technique style video recorded for analysis by squad coaches and/ or sports science interns. The results from the sports science testing provide valuable feedback for coaches and athletes alike, and often form a good starting point for athletes wishing to take the next step.


Made available through the use of strategic fitness partners, and developed by Academy S&C Coaching Staff; the Academy has a Strength and Conditioning program that will form a part of each sport's program curriculum.

This program will see the implementation of:
Minimum of two Fitness Testing / Movement Screening sessions,
Minimum of four Strength and Conditioning sessions

The S&C sessions will follow a detailed program featuring:

  • Introduction to lifting, injury prevention and movement patterns for sports specific S&C
  • Learning and building Foundational Strength
  • Mastering the necessary movement patterns
  • Additional / Advanced Skills and Drills in S&C

The sessions will take place with a mix of theory and practical components, and are led by qualified Academy and guest S&C Coaching staff, primarily as a group/squad and in a professional gym environment.

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