Sports Medicine and Injury Prevention

Welcome to this online course on Sports Medicine and Injury Prevention.

The course will give you an overview rather than equip you with every piece of knowledge and every known skill around Sports Medicine and Injury Prevention. It is divided into 4 topics and within each topic there are a number of sections. Topics are:

  1. Introduction and injury prevention
  2. Concussion
  3. Injury management
  4. Recovery
A new module will be released each fortnight. Once completed Athletes are to upload their completion certificate to the One Drive folder provided by their coaches/managers.
(Please check your Emails, Team App, Heja etc...)
Athletes are encouraged to keep connecting with coaches/managers in regards to how your program will work together in completing these modules...


Good news Athletes there will be an AWARD given to one Athlete each fortnight for successful completion of modules. One athlete will be selected for this award by SWSAS staff and an Academy Coach/Manager each fortnight.

A separate GRAND PRIZE will be given at the end (date tbc) to those who engage the best. SWSAS will also feature positivity from our athletes on the SWSAS socials (granting permission).

Note - Grand prizes will be assessed considering completions and positive engagement.

Criteria for awards:

1. Completion certificate uploaded to SWSAS 
2. Provide positive engagement on socials
3. Provide feedback where possible


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If you have any further questions, please contact James or Daniel via Email at:

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