Coaching Staff Expense Claim Form


Coach Recruitment and Education

4. A coach may seek funding for Individual Coach Development in accordance with the following guidelines.

4.1 The funding must be in the undertaking of a State, or National Level coaching accreditation program higher than their current accreditation, or the undertaking of a course leading to a higher level of accreditation and be within the coaches sport that they are contracted within the Academy.


4.2 Coaches may negotiate for the Academy to pay as much as 50% of the cost of the professional development opportunity, up to a maximum value identified annually, in accordance with program budget, by the Academy.

4.3 The current level of financial support is $100.

4.4 Coaches must pay a minimum of 50% of the development opportunity to indicate personal commitment to that opportunity.


4.5 Coaches may negotiate for the Academy to pay in addition, the value of up to 50% of their honoraria to the costs of coach development, in accordance with the above policy.

4.6 The Academy will not provide funding for coaches to re-new their existing accreditation, or coaching memberships.


Coaches should keep copies of their receipts for personal records. 

Most approved reimbursements will take place within 14 days of submission.

In submitting this expense claim, I confirm that I have read the Coach Recruitment and Retention Policy, specifically the section relating to Coach Retention and Education. I confirm that the activities undertaken meet the requirement of the policy, further supported by the statement below.

Upload up to TEN receipts below. 

Please ensure that the files are legible and for reciepts with multiple purchases, indicate the items related to the claim.

Please also provide a brief description of the purchase/s and their relation to your scholarship.


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