South West Sydney Academy of Sport Coach and Support Staff Application


Candidates applying should familiarise themselves with the following key information prior to applying. 

  • Applications received outside of the published timeframe will be treated as an Expression of Interest, and may not result in the application proceeding should there not be a vacant position. 
  • The Academy where practical, appoints coach and support staff on a two-year cycle, with an annual review; as such all positions may not be vacant or 'called for' each year. 
  • All applicants will go through a vetting process, which may include consultation with the State Sporting Organisation. As such not all applicants may proceed to an interview. 
  • Where possible, unsuccessful applicants will be provided feedback. The Academy however reserves the right to appoint coach and support staff it deems are best fit for the Academy program structure, irrespective of the qualifications or experience of the applicant.
  • Unsuccessful applicants may be offered a position within any Academy Community Coach Development and/or Education program.
  • All coach and support staff positions within the Academy are deemed voluntary. 
  • Coach and Support staff are reminded that the programs of the South West Sydney Academy of Sport form a part of the high-performance pathway programs of the State Sporting Organisation. Therefore, whilst coaches may have the opportunity to impart their own knowledge and drills, and are active in the presentation of the Academy sport program, coaches must first adhere to the guidelines and curriculum set down by either the SSO or Academy. Failure to do so will result in the coach or support staff's position not being renewed, or removal from the program. 



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Successful applicants over the age of 18 are required to obtain and hold a valid NSW Working with Children Check to participate within the Academy Sport Programs.

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