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Following on from an Introduction to 3D Coaching course held in 2021 with ID Sports Australia, and a visit from 3D Institute's International Director Mark Hull in 2023, the Academy has formed a relationship with 3D Institute as an education partner, which see's the South West Sydney Academy of Sport secure access to the 3D Coaching Course for Certification  for Academy coaching staff to undertake online at their own pace.

The Academy continues to work with the 3D Institute and fellow partners in the delivery of 3D Coaching strategies and framework within the Academy sport program structure. 

The Academy believes that the 3Dimensional Coaching course will benefit not only yourself as a coach, but in identifying strategies above and beyond the X's and O's that our coaches will be able to implement into our training within our Academy teams moving forward.

3Dimensional Framework:

The Academy, in our partnership with 3D Institute, has identified that our coaches and athletes are indeed strong first dimensional beings and are adapt in the fundamentals, skill acquisition and training ability; otherwise they would not be in an Academy program.

Throughout our sports education program and individual skill development sessions, our athletes gain a strong second dimension focus, as is renowned across the Regional Academies of Sport network.

Where 3D Institute and the Academy have noted a point of difference for our sport programs is in our willingness and ability to be intentional in the education both athletes and coaches in third-dimension aspects such as, athlete identity, character, worth and value as a person rather than just a performer.

Academy Coaching staff have already been able to see some of these strategies implemented within our programs, with great effect in the improvement of effort, attitude and mental toughness of those athletes on and off the field.

As we continue to partner through the generosity and ongoing partnership with the 3D Institute, the implementation of the 3D Coaching course and additional Coaching Support networks, continues to build on these third dimensional strategies. Within our Academy programs, our Academy will continue to be at the forefront of not only the development of our high-performing athletes, but of our community citizens.

Do not miss this great opportunity to register your interest in completing the 3D Course for Certification. The Academy is able to provide this course to our Coaching Staff at no cost for a limited time. Simply click on the links below to find out more and get your highly valued 3D Coaching Certification TODAY! You will need a pre-paid code for FREE access, to obtain this please email sport@swsas.org.au.

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