Sports Science, Strength and Conditioning

Sports Science

The Academy supports its athletes, coaches, and sports programs with scientific and technical testing/monitoring. All test protocols are in line with those used at the higher levels of the sport and are generally conducted where available; in line with testing protocols established by the State Sporting Organisations and the NSW Institute of Sport.

The sports science testing may include physical activities such as:

  • 20m Shuttle Run / Beep Test / Yo-yo Intermittent Test
  • Vertical Jump Testing
  • 5m / 10m and 20m sprints
  • Agility testing
  • Sit and Reach testing
  • Functional movement screening
  • Strength testing

Some squads may undertake the opportunity to have their training / technique style video recorded for analysis by squad coaches and/or sports science interns. The results from the sports science testing provide valuable feedback for coaches and athletes alike, and often form a good starting point for athletes wishing to take the next step.

Strength and Conditioning

Made available through the use of strategic fitness partners, and developed by Academy S&C Coaching Staff; the Academy has a Strength and Conditioning program that will form a part of each sport's program curriculum.

Programs will see the implementation of:

  • Minimum of two Fitness Testing / Movement Screening sessions,
  • Minimum of four Strength and Conditioning sessions (practical and theory based)

The Strength and Conditioing sessions will follow a detailed program featuring:

  1. Introduction to lifting, injury prevention and movement patterns for sports specific Strength and Conditioning
  2. Learning and building Foundational Strength
  3. Mastering the necessary movement patterns
  4. Additional / Advanced Skills and Drills in Strength and Conditioning
  5. Sports Specific strength and conditioning program techniques

Where and how?

The sessions will take place with a mix of theory and practical components, and are led by qualified Academy and guest Strength and Conditioning Coaching staff, primarily as a group/squad and in a professional gym environment.

The Academy uses (new to 2022 programs) Athlete Monitoring Systems (AMS) via our SWSAS app, to allow athletes access to a monitored and supported home strength and conditioning program, as well as athlete reporting of test scores and load management.

More Information:

You can find further information on the benefits of strength and conditioning in youth athletes on the Science for Sport website.

Our Strength and Conditioning Model

Level 1 - Basic Fundamentals

Covers all strength related theory valuable to developing athletes in the Academy. The who, what, when, why and how of using resistance training as a tool to enhance sporting performance.

Level 2 - Movement Quality

Once the athlete has demonstrated safe and proficient use of the barbell, they will begin a guided progressive overload program using carefully selected lifts that fit our 3 criteria (most weight, most muscle and greatest effective range)

Level 3 - Mastering Technique

Once movement is smooth and confident and the athlete has confirmed skills and bodily awareness. The education and introduction of training aids (external resistance i.e. barbell) will start the strength training progression with focus on technique a priority.

Level 4 - Applying Structure

Once the athlete has demonstrated safe and proficient use of the barbell, they will begin a guided progressive overload program using carefully selected lifts that fit our 3 criteria (most weight, most muscle and greatest effective range)

Level 5 - Sport Specific

Sports specific training education and practical sessions will be introduced, helped by industry professionals specialising in the individual athletes sporting needs.

Discounts for SWSAS Athletes


Proper strength and conditioning allows an athlete to strengthen supporting muscles, even out muscle imbalances, increase mobility, correct posture, stabilise joints, learn new movement patterns, enhance coordination and peripheral skills, and so much more.


South West Sydney Academy of Sport has teamed up with industry experts who provide Sports Specific Strength and Conditioning Services to young Athletes. Movement Essentials, Fit Clinic and Dynamo Athletic are all available for current Academy Athletes to gain individual gym programming, supervised gym sessions, individual skill development and much more.


A reduced membership cost of $10/week is available to ALL current Academy Athletes. $5 is reduced from the service provider and $5 paid for by SWSAS. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain expert guidance in the gym at affordable pricing.


Simply register your interest with the provider of your choice (below) directly through their website. Once a membership has been established the discount will automatically be applied reducing your costs by $10 per week!

Note: Each Athlete is allowed up to 6 months of subsidised memberships per program year. This program is capped ($) by the Academy and when maximal funding has been reached this service will cease, then recommence in the following program year (12 months).

Strength and Conditioning Partners

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