Strength and Conditioning

Academy Strength and Conditioning Corporate Partners

Strength and Conditioning

The Academies Strength and Conditioning Education and programs are conducted in partnership with a variety of Academy Strength and Conditioning Partners.

These partners have been engaged to provide the Strength and Conditioning Program to each squad, as well as provide education in correct strength and conditioning / functional movement techniques through lecture or practical in-Gym sessions.

These sessions will take place with a mix of theory and practical components, primarily as a group/squad and in a professional gym environment, or wherever possible, in the squad's normal training environment.

These theory and workshop sessions will include education in;

  • Strength terminology
  • Training principles
  • Functional movement
  • Warm up and Cool down
  • Safe lifting practices
  • Basic Anatomy 101
  • Training guidelines for Athletes

What you can expect

  • Regular exposure to a Strength and Conditioning program
    • 3hrs Theory, plus 5hrs practical education
    • Min 12hr Home program eg 1hr per week x 12 week home program
  • Undertake Sports Science Testing and Functional Movement Screening relative to the athletes sport, in line with State sporting testing protocols or requirements.
  • Participate in, Theory of Strength and Conditioning, including terminology, safe practices, and sport specific elements.
  • Participate and remain engaged in some form of home / structured Athlete Monitoring System (AMS), which may include access to personalised Strength and Conditioning programs, load management or other athlete reporting.

Performance Outcomes

  • Athletes participate in an ongoing Strength and Conditioning program as apart and in addition to their regular training program.
  • Athletes progress through a staged Strength and Conditioning program and gain appropriate knowledge of proper mechanics, the fundamental “why” of a strength and conditioning program, and terminology before progressing to a higher level or gym program.
  • Athlete performance data is captured to show progression as well as provide NSWIS/SSO data on the performance of Academy Athletes.
  • Identification of future athlete development needs and performance standards within the NSW F.T.E.M development pathway.

Sports Science / Biomechanical Testing

The Academy supports its athletes, coaches, and programs with scientific and technical testing and monitoring.

All test protocols are in line with those used at the higher levels of the sport and are generally conducted where available; in line with testing protocols established by the State Sporting Organisations, the NSW Institute of Sport and a Regional Academies of Sport (RASi) agreed battery of tests.

The sports science testing may include physical activities such as:

  • Yo-yo Intermittent Recovery 
  • Vertical  Leap / Jump
  • 5m, 10m, 20m sprints
  • Agility test (5-0-5)
  • Sit and Reach test
  • Functional movement screening
  • Sit / Standing Height
  • Medicine Ball Throw test
  • Strength test

Squads may undertake the opportunity to have their training / technique style video recorded for analysis by squad coaches and/or sports science interns.

The results from the sports science testing provide valuable feedback for coaches and athletes alike, and often form a good starting point for athletes wishing to take the next step.

Performance Extension Program

The Performance Extension Program is open to athletes from within all the Academy Sport Programs, and will focus on developing additional performance skills in all-of-sport elements such as speed, agility, reaction time, accuracy and functional movement.

The Performance Extension Program will operate as a pilot-program in Term 1, (March-April) 2024, with plans to hold regular  programs during school terms.  

There is NO cost for Academy Athletes to attend these sessions.

Athletes may attend multiple sessions, and whilst encouraged to attend all, are able to miss the occasional session and still complete the program.

Athletes are asked to complete the Attendance EOI form to assist in the planning and preparation of each session.

Athletes should attend in their grey Academy training t-shirt and Academy shorts/gym shorts, with appropriate footwear for indoor stadium use.

Program 1,  2024

Start Date: Wednesday 28 February 2024
End Date: Wednesday 10 April 2024
Location: Thomas Hassall Anglican College, Middleton Grange

Please refer to XPS for dates, times and specific session details.

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