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Parents, or Guardians, as the primary care giver of their athlete, are one of the most important support networks an athlete will have throughout their journey. 

As a parent or guardian, you play a crucial part in their journey, not just through financial investment, provision of transport, but also in feeding and housing your son or daughter. 

Your son/daughter is the most important person in the world. 

It has often been said, that outside of the Parent, a Coach is the most common person that an athlete will open up to about their life, and who they share their struggles, challenges and triumphs with. 

The Academy recognises the importance of building a strong Coach-Parent relationship in order to maximise the potential of the individual athlete, on and off the field of play. 

The Academy provides a significant investment into Coach education and development to ensure that our coach and support staff provide the best environment for our athletes to grow in. 

Parent education and support is another vital area of the Academy's ongoing commitment to development and education, in ensuring it provides the support for parent's to develop strong and beneficial relationships with not only coaches, but their athletes, in supporting their athletes through the athletes journey.

This is done not only through parent education sessions and access to resources, but in the provision and support of an Academy Chaplain, and Wellbeing and Support Services, which are just as beneficial for parents as they are for athletes. 

After all, whilst it is their journey to take, by being their number one fan and supporter, you can help their journey be a memorable and successful one. 

For more information on accessing these services, parents are encouraged to contact the Academy office or through the resources below.


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