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The South West Sydney Academy of Sport has recently revamped its e-newsletter for 2021. The newsletter regularly includes great feature stories from athletes, coaches and education providers who partner with the academy. We talk about all the latest in sports programs, training, competition and success stories of course! We hope you enjoy reading the latest issues below... 

Latest Editions

SWSAS News l Third Edition 2021

Welcome to the third edition of SWSAS News.

This magazine has been edited by the South West Sydney Academy of Sport for the greater South West Sydney community.

This extends from the previous Academy quarterly newsletter for 2021 bringing the latest sport and news together from August to October 2021.

We hope you enjoy reading this 3rd edition which includes Coach and Athlete nominations opening for 2021/22, Brisbane 2032 celebrations, SWSAS Alumni Jessica Cronje in Tokyo, sponsorship offers, community engagement and much more...

What's new? In this issue you can now click on any button that says 'download' and keep a pdf copy for yourself of that page.

Reading Tips for Issuu: Try reading on a desktop rather than your phone, or if using your phone try in landscape mode and use your zoom. And remember there are many interactive links to discover!

SWSAS News l Second Edition 2021

This 2020 Tokyo Olympics special edition features academy graduate athletes currently in Tokyo, athlete profiles, latest news stories, inaugural volleyball program information, academy games stories, civic reception highlights, sponsorship deals, and much more...

Dive right into this issue with an engaging 30+ pages of interactive reading!

SWSAS News l First Edition 2021

The much anticipated 'First Edition' of the South West Sydney Academy of Sport Quarterly Newsletter is here. But you may notice a few things are a little different this time around... it's hardly a newsletter at all!

Call it a magazine if you will, with 22 interactive pages of Athlete and Coach articles, feature stories, profiles, giveaways and sponsor discounts we have revamped the old newsletter and brought it into 2021.

The Archives

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