T.O.U.R Development

Technical Officials, Umpires & Referees

Education Partner

This program is targeted at the education and development of Technical Officials, Umpires and Referees within the sports where high-performance programs are conducted by the South West Sydney Academy of Sport.  

This includes development in both training and performance scenarios, with an added focus on education and official - coach - athlete communication and game management.

Umpires selected within the Academy's Bingara Gorge Netball Program are included in this program. 

Additional opportunities for Talented Officials, Umpires and Referees exist within the 3x3 Basketball, Basketball, Hockey, Softball and Volleyball programs.

Participants may be selected to represent the Academy at events such as the ClubsNSW Regional Academy Games, Regional Academy Challenges, or other events, tournaments or performance opportunities throughout the program. 



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