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This program is targeted at the education and development of Technical Officials, Umpires and Referees within the sports where high-performance programs are conducted by the South West Sydney Academy of Sport.  

This includes development in both training and performance scenarios, with an added focus on education and official - coach - athlete communication and game management.

Umpires selected within the Academy's Bingara Gorge Netball Program are included in this program. 

Additional opportunities for Talented Officials, Umpires and Referees exist within the 3x3 Basketball, Basketball, Hockey, Softball and Volleyball programs.

Participants may be selected to represent the Academy at events such as the ClubsNSW Regional Academy Games, Regional Academy Challenges, or other events, tournaments or performance opportunities throughout the program. 



  • Develop Junior Technical Officials, Umpires and Referee's alongside athletes within the sport squad programs. 
  • Provide individual skill development and technical coaching within a high-performance training environment.
  • Develop Junior Technical Officials, Umpires and Referee's rule knowledge, communication and interaction with athletes and coaching staff. 
  • Provide opportunity for Junior Technical Officials, Umpires and Referee's to gain experience in officiating high-quality match environments. 

Participants will benefit from having access to the sport programs athletes and coaches within the performance pathway, and will be able to observe the training techniques, styles and structures coaches put in place.


Participants will be encouraged to communicate regularly with athletes and coaches to develop communication skills as well as technical rules knowledge for both parties. 


Participants will receive access to the athlete sport education program within their sport, as well as dedicated TOUR Program education opportunities such as Conflict Resolution, Negotiation Skills and Media Training as an example. 


Participants will be included within the sport programs strength and conditioning, and health and wellbeing support services within the Academy. 


Participants will be expected to make themselves available to officiate trial games and/or inter-Academy competition / tournaments participated in by the Academy, and to participate with that sport in officiating at the ClubsNSW ' Your Local Club' Regional Academy Games in Wagga Wagga, April 2024. 

  • The Technical Official, Umpire or Referee must be aged 14 - 18 years of age as of 31 December 2024.
  • The Technical Official, Umpire or Referee must be a registered official with their respective State Sporting Organisation. 
  • The Technical Official, Umpire or Referee must reside in, or attend school, or compete for an SSO affiliated association, club or team within the Academy area of Campbelltown, Camden, Liverpool or Wollondilly local Government areas


In addition;

  • The Technical Official, Umpire or Referee must be actively officiating within their local club or representative association, and show evidence of the desire to progress to a higher level within their sports officiating pathway. 


  • Specific sport programs may require minimum officiating qualifications or standards to have been met prior to being accepted. This will vary from sport to sport, however ideally would be the equivalent of the ability to officiate at a Division One level of the age group of athletes within the program. 


  • Exceptions to the above eligibility criteria, such as the maximum age limit and locality may be considered on a sport by sport basis, and at the discretion of the Academy, in consultation with the SSO, in an effort to adequately provide officiating coverage of Academy sports competing at the Regional Academy Games. 

Athletes must check the relevant sporting program for additional information on the selection process and trial dates. 


What to Expect:


Where the Athlete / Technical Official, Umpire or Referee selected is based on the athletes performance at an open trial;


The trial will feature a number of skill and drill components, followed by a series of short-sided or modified trial games to assess the athletes skill and potential. 


Elements of sport science testing and/or fitness assessment may be conducted as a part of the trial, however there is no required "pass mark" for these elements to be achieved. 


One or more trials may be conducted.


Where the Athlete / Technical Official, Umpire or Referee selected is based on a nomination post-trial or interview process;


Selections will take place based on information supplied as a part of the nomination form. Nominees may be requested to attend an interview.


General Information:

  • The Technical Official, Umpire or Referee must nominate, and where appropriate, attend one or more trials relevant to the sport program.
  • The Technical Official, Umpire or Referee must attend all trials. If an athlete is unable to attend a trial they must provide a reason in writing, prior to that trial to gain an exemption. 
  • The Academy may select the number of officials as required to compliment the sport program requirements.
  • Successful officials will be advised after the final trial.  



Technical Official, Umpire and Referee Discount;

Technical Officials, Umpires and Referee's will receive at minimum a 25% discount on both the Athlete Scholarship Levy and any additional fees and levies throughout the sport program year. 


Any additional discounts may be made on a sport by sport basis, and subject to that program's funding. 


Athlete Scholarship Levy

  • An Athlete Scholarship levy of $300 (Discounted from $400) inclusive of GST, will apply to all successful athletes. 
  • This levy assists in offsetting the program costs of;
    • Annual Athlete Membership including athlete uniform consisting of Academy Polo Shirt, Walkout Shorts and Gym T-shirt, Water Bottle, Athlete Journal and Annual Awards Dinner admission. 
    • Training and Development including training venue hire, sports equipment, skill development programming, and guest / coaching costs.
    • Education and Support Services including online access to programs / XPS network, targeted sports education lectures and workshops with guest presenters, sport specific strength and conditioning program with an Academy S&C partner facility, sport science testing, and access to athlete wellbeing and support service network providers.


Additional Fees / Levies

Uniform Costs

  • Additional competition uniform costs exist, specific to sport requirements, which athletes will need to purchase through the online store from the official uniform supplier, Aceit. The required items will be identified at the sport program induction. 
  • Athletes may purchase additional Academy items, that includes Hoodie, Socks, Towel, Sports Bag, Backpacks, and Active Wear. 
  • Athletes who are NEW to the Academy will be provided a tracksuit in their first year only. Athletes entering their third year or greater will be offered the purchase of a new tracksuit at half-price. 


Camps, Tours and Tournaments

  • Camps, Tours and Tournaments form an important part of each sport program structure. The costs of these events, as with the overall sport program, are heavily subsidised by the Academy and its partners.
  • Camp / Tour costs may be applied for certain activities throughout the program year and will be communicated well ahead of the event. These are generally costed at $100-$150 per day and include transport, accommodation and the majority of meal costs, as well as any entry fees associated with tournaments or performance elements of the camp / tour. 
  • Eligible athletes who are selected to represent the Academy at the Regional Academy Games in Wagga Wagga in April 2024 will be required to pay a Games levy of between $300 and $450 (subject to sport requirements), which will be invoiced separately to the above Athlete Scholarship Levy.
  • Tournaments held locally (where the Academy does not provide Accommodation) may attract a nominal fee of between $10 and $50 depending on the sport requirements, and are used to assist in covering the tournament entry, venue hire and any transport costs.



All Athlete levies must be paid in full within 30 days of the invoiced date, or the scholarship offer will be automatically withdrawn; unless financial hardship or payment plan arrangements have been made with the CEO.


  • Technical Officials, Umpires and Referees will train alongside the athletes within their specific sporting program


  • Additional training / education sessions designed specifically for Technical Officials, Umpires and Referees will also take place at venues throughout the region.


  • Selected Technical Officials, Umpires and Referees will be required to undertake a strength and conditioning program, in line with that of the specific sport program.

2023-2024 Talented Officials, Umpires and Referees Squad 

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*Additional Athletes may be added to the program at any time, subject to availability. 

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