Our 'South West'


To be recognised across the region as the leader in quality sports program delivery and to be acknowledged as a progressive, high quality and, well managed organisation.


To provide high quality, community focused, talented athlete and coach identification and development programs, which assist athletes and coaches to successfully realise their sporting potential.


These values are CORE to our success as an Academy. Click below to read our Core Values

Principal Roles

The principal roles of the South West Sydney Academy of Sport are to:

  • Facilitate the personal development of talented junior athletes in the region
  • Provide individual athletes with access to specialist support services including coaching, sports science and sports medicine.
  • Identify, engage and support the development of high performance coaches at the local level.
  • Provide a clear, high quality development pathway, for local talent identified athletes to progress through junior development pathways to State and National representation.

Code of Conduct

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