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In addition to the specific sport development and performance pathway programs provided by the South West Sydney Academy of Sport, the SOUTH32 Illawarra Metallurgical Coal Athlete Wellbeing and Support services provides athletes with the additional support network needed by developing athletes. 

This program forms a part of the global Regional Academies of Sport (RASi) Leadership, Education and Athlete Development (L.E.A.D) program, partnered by Steadfast. 

The South West Sydney Academy of Sport incorporates the services of a volunteer non-denominational sports Chaplain as well as a vast array of industry professionals and service providers in the provision of educational workshops and additional support services to athletes and coach and support staff alike. 

Academy service providers such as 'Make Good Choices', 'Gotcha4Life', 'Man Anchor', and 'Ahead of the Game' regularly engage with the Academy to educate athletes, coaches and parents in wellbeing, mental health check-ups and activating ongoing support networks throughout their time within an Academy sport program.

Additional access to external mental health and wellbeing support services, strength & conditioning partners, and sports service providers such as psychologists, physiotherapists and sports health professionals can be facilitated by contacting the Academy Sports Programs Manager, please check out the links below for further information. 

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