Graduate Athlete High Performance Program

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The Graduate Athlete - High Performance Program exists to essentially close the 'GAP' between junior and senior sport participation.

This program is targeted at providing ongoing training support, education and development of athletes from within the Academy Sport Programs, who have either graduated (i.e. no longer age-eligible) and show both athletic and leadership skills, or who are age-eligible, however are unable to commit to the full program due to State or National junior program commitments.

And where it is identified that the athlete may gain an additional benefit from participating within parts of the high-performance programs conducted by the South West Sydney Academy of Sport, such as sport education, strength and conditioning, sport science testing, and athlete wellbeing and support services. 

Where program athletes are able to participate alongside squad athletes in a training environment, further opportunities and mentoring are provided to assist in the transition from athlete to coach, supporting participants looking to transition into the coaching ranks, whilst still competing within their chosen sport at a higher level. 





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