The Academy operates under the direction of a high profile Board of Management.

Board Members include the Mayor, or the Mayor’s representative of its four local Council areas, the Dean of Sports and Health Sciences Western Sydney University, and is balanced by the inclusion of additional diversely skilled, Community Representatives.

Board of Management


Corporate Statements

Establish financial management best practice.

Develop staff members and utilise their skills effectively. 

Effectively identify talented athletes and coaches.

Provide recognised pathways for athletes and coaches.

Ensure financial stability.


Manage resources practically and cost-effectively.

Market organisation to the widest possible audience.

Provide programs where the progress of athletes can be measured and demonstrated.

Develop future community leaders.

Provide a healthy and mentally well-being environment.

Foster an environment of Child Safety, education and personal development.

Investigate methods of obtaining revenue to run programs. 

Increase community awareness.

Provide high-quality programs for athletes and coaches.

Participate in well managed, cost effective competition.

Ensure organisational sustainability.

Corporate Documents

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Letters to: PO Box 307 Macarthur
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