Basketball Slam Dunks Christmas Appeal

Emily Paulic with CEO Gerry Knights delivering gifts from the Academy Basketball squad to the Campbelltown Mayor's Christmas Appeal.  South West Sydney Academy of Sport Basketball Athlete Emily Paulic had one goal, to help one family this Christmas. The end result however, was far greater, with the Academy’s basketball squad dona...

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Prep 4 Rep Indoor Volleyball Program Launched

The South West Sydney Academy of Sport is opening up the opportunity for Volleyball Athletes aged 12 – 18 in 2022 to gain valuable experience in development over the summer prior to its NEW Volleyball NSW Indoor program set to start in February 2022. This program will consist of 7 x sessions COMPLETELY FREE, on a weekly basis with trainin...

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A Return to Sport Firmly Back in Focus

  The South West Sydney Academy of Sport is excited by the fact that as NSW has now reached its 80% double vaccination roadmap, that the Academy is now able to progress in planning the return to sport for its 2021-2022 sport programs. The Academy continues to work very closely with the NSW Office of Sport, and our respective sta...

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Academy Netball Scores at Online Challenges

Image: Abbey Finlay is just at home on the court as on the Zoom education sessions.  Sport and September usually go hand in hand, with the first spring month generally coinciding with the peak final’s series for a number of community sporting codes. September is also the month that the South West Sydney Academy of Sport ‘Walker...

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Academy COVID Update - September 2021

As the hope continues to build towards an easing of restrictions at the end of September, and an eventual pathway to a return to community sport; the Academy is also finalising its plans to open nominations, for the 2021-2022 Academy sport programs. In what will be the Academy’s ‘25th Anniversary’ spo...

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