2020 Big Year for our local Sports Academy in more ways than one

Written on the 16 March 2020 by SWSAS

2020 Big Year for our local Sports Academy in more ways than one


The Australian Hockeyroos have earned a spot at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Securing their 11th consecutive Olympic Games appearance, following a 2-0 series win over Russia late last year.

And, past Academy athlete Emily Chalker (nee Smith) will be at the forefront of Hockeyroos selection in coming months, with the opportunity to become a triple Olympian, at only 28 years of age. With a record of over 240 games and 80+ goals for Australia to her credit, her credentials speak for themselves.

The Academy also has high hopes of being represented in the Tokyo Paralympic Games, with Wheelchair Basketballer Jess Cronje carrying the expectations and best wishes of SWSAS.
But this is the results 'top end', of the work, of our local Academy.

It's day-to-day business, is supporting the youth of our region in the development of their sport and community citizen skills, say's it's CEO Gerry Knights.
As with every aspect of the Academy's delivery, it's service continues to be measured, looking for areas of improvement and increased growth. The social, community and economic value of the Academy, along with the value of all other independent NSW Regional Academies,  has been assessed by a highly qualified  independent leader in sport management assessment, the Institute of Sport, and Knights could not be more pleased with the results.

The Academy currently services 207 athletes, a near 50% - 50% split between girls and boys. With the majority between 13 to 18 years of age, across 10 sports.
The most pleasing result identifies the Academy contributes $2.9m to the NSW economy annually and has an economic and social value of 328% cost benefit return, which is amazing.
Knights said, this feat has only been achieved due to the support of its 71 coaches and volunteers, who combined have provided over 9,000 volunteer hours, during 2019.
Keeping the balance between, being a good corporate community organisation and supporting the development of 'tomorrow's sporting heroes' is an easy one. When recognising the quality of people who support the Academy, in so many ways, he said.

Since it's inception in 1997, our local Academy has supported the development of 21 Olympians and 2 Paralympians, with more hopefully on the way in 2020.

For information on the Academy go to www.swsas.org.au or call 46 277 622.


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