3x3 Talent Showcased at Academy Corporate Cup

Written on the 22 May 2024 by SWSAS

3x3 Talent Showcased at Academy Corporate Cup

The South West Sydney Academy of Sport celebrated a remarkable day of athletic prowess and community spirit with the inaugural 3x3 Basketball Corporate Cup, held at the Thomas Hassall Anglican College in late April. This exciting event drew many of the region's best undiscovered talents out of the corporate world and onto the courts, delivering a thrilling showcase of skill, teamwork, and sportsmanship. 

Following the foresight and support from Gold event partner Komatsu Australia, who themselves fielded three teams, the 3x3 Komatsu Corporate Cup took place with a strong field of competing teams. The nature of the event, and indeed 3x3 basketball itself saw athletes from the Academy's Sharp EIT 3x3 Basketball program able to join in the competition, offering them a valuable opportunity to test their skills honed throughout the program year.  

“The interaction between corporate teams and academy athletes fostered a unique environment of learning and competition, highlighting the strength and potential of South West Sydney's sporting community” said Sport Operations Manager Stephen Craig, who also found himself behind the whistle in a number of games.  

"We had a great team of officials assist us on the day, including athletes from within our programs who stepped up to referee and promote 3x3 basketball” added Craig.  

Komatsu Australia indeed played a pivotal role as a primary partner, generously contributing to the event's success. Their support underscoring the importance of community engagement and investment in local talent development. 

With the day commencing over a hot bacon and egg roll and coffee, provided by Thomas Hassall Anglican College, former Australian 3x3 Asian Cup championship and NBL player Tim Coenraad took each team through a skills clinic, with many ‘oooh ‘and ‘aaah’ moments as the differences between 3x3 and "normal” basketball became clearer.  

Once the clinic concluded, it was straight into action, with tight and intense competition across 31 games in just three hours, with standout performances leading to the following division finals: 

  • “Elite” Division: Luke Photography and Video dft South West All Starz 

  • “Social” Division: Team Wests League Club A dft Komatsu Australia 

  • Invitational Junior Boys: SWSAS UAA White dft SWSAS Sharp EIT White 

  • Invitational Junior Girls: Pacifika Ballerz 2 dft Pacifika Ballerz 1 

The Girls' final, doubling as the last game of the event, was particularly exhilarating, with both teams delivering a nail-biting performance, going into overtime, which, in 3x3 Basketball, continues until a team leads by two points.  

“Normally 3x3 games, played on just a half a court, last ten minutes. It was only fitting that the final game of the event went to overtime, lasting an incredible twenty-five minutes until a winner emerged” said Craig, who is already looking forward to seeing the Corporate Cup establish itself on the Academy's annual events calendar.  

SWSAS CEO, Gerry Knights, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, stating, "The inaugural Corporate Cup has been a fantastic opportunity for local businesses to come together, engage with our athletes, and enjoy a day of friendly competition. It's events like these that strengthen our community and provide a platform for showcasing the incredible talent we have in South West Sydney." 

The success of the Corporate Cup promises to make it a staple in the SWSAS calendar, with plans already underway for next year's event. The Academy extends its heartfelt thanks to all participants, sponsors, and supporters who made this event possible.

For a full breakdown of the event results, head to: swsas.org.au/3x3corporatecup   




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