Academy's Historic Step in Time

Written on the 1 October 2020 by SWSAS

Academy's Historic Step in Time

Image:  'The Coach House', now home to the administration centre of the South West Sydney Academy of Sport.

The South West Sydney Academy of Sport has firmly entrenched its spot into Campbelltown history, after recently making the move to the historic 'Coach House', in the heart of the city's Heritage Precinct, at the southern end of Queen Street.

After being located at the opposite end of town for sixteen years, in its affectionately known 'little fibro cottage of champions', the Academy had well and truly out-grown its humble premises.

The move to the significantly larger premise allows the Academy to enjoy the space it needs to successfully provide high-quality administrative support to its current crop of sports programs. As well as allowing the Academy to provide much needed additional programs, including a targeted community coach education program, it plans to launch in the coming months.

"We now have access to a much larger office space, including several meeting rooms, which can be  utilised for smaller in-house functions and meetings" said CEO Gerry Knights. Who added "This will allow the Academy to service our athletes and coaches in a more professional and friendly environment, on site."

The Academy has plans to utilise the space to provide an area for coaching staff to access research materials, and plan their training and sports education programs. "Having a more central meeting point for our coaches will assist the Academy in being able to support them as a group and individually, as a part of their own coaching development. Which in turn will help them provide an even higher quality product of training and development for our Academy, and athletes in the wider community" said Knights.

Campbelltown City Council, itself a foundation partner and strong supporter of the Academy, recently took ownership of the 'Coach House' in a plan to preserve the historic Georgian structures in the Campbelltown region. The building, originally built in the mid-1800's is believed to have served as an Inn for the famous Cobb & Co. coaches, and now stands to again service the community, by providing a strong foundation for the Academy's administration staff to continue to build our community's sporting success.

The move itself comes at the perfect time for the Academy, as it looks' to induct athletes into their respective 2020-2021 sporting programs.

Nominations are soon to be opened for the AFL Female Talent Pathway program, along with Netball, BMX and a the Community Coach Education program.

"The Academy is well and truly back in action now we have moved. And along with our current sporting programs, plans are well underway for additional programs to be included from early next year," said Knights. Who hinted that the inclusion of the additional programs could see a marked increase in the number of local athletes serviced by the Academy's sports skill, education and personal development programs.

"In a time where some state sporting organisation's, associations and sporting clubs, are struggling to support their athletes and programs, we are humbled to be in a position to provide this additional high quality skill and educational support to our regions athletes," he said.

Whilst the Academy does have some financial support from local corporate partners, Knights was realistic in saying that additional support is always welcome to ensure the culture of developing youth sporting excellence, within the South West Sydney community continues. And just like the Heritage Building the Academy now calls home - 'stands the test of time for future generations'.




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