Academy Speedster Charging towards Oceania Championships

Written on the 11 May 2017 by SWSAS

Academy Speedster Charging towards Oceania Championships

Harrington Park teenager Jaide Gayle-Weiling is ramping up her intensity as she again prepares to take on the very best at the Oceania Speed Skating Championships being held in April.

This year the Championships will be staged at Nundah, Queensland and recent form suggests Jaide will further enhance her performance resume on this trip. Representing NSW at the recent National titles held in Adelaide, Jaide won Gold and three Bronze medals. Two of these Bronze medals were won in 'very close photo finishes' with first and second, whilst racing in the highly competitive Open category.

Moving out of the junior ranks can be intimidating but Jaide was very obviously up to the challenge. In May 2014 Jaide had major spinal surgery. This operation involved two, fifty centimetre Titanium rods being attached to her spine.

This operation was performed to correct the symptoms of a rare condition called, Sudden Onset Idiopathic Scoliosis. Jaide is a special athlete who embraces every challenge with positivity and maturity way beyond her years.

It hasn't been all smooth waters for Jaide in recent times. Whilst training she had an accident involving her coach. Jaide's confidence was shaken; she received some abrasions and bruises requiring a trip to hospital.                                                                  '

Her coach definitely came off second best and required surgery to repair several fractures in his arm; with both returning to the training track as late as last week. Jaide is part of the South West Sydney Academy of Sport (SWSAS) 'Lone Star' program which offers support and education to talent identified athletes who participate in individual sports, or sports where no other support network exists.

Speaking with SWSAS, sports program manager James Watson, Jaide's dedication becomes more apparent.

"I was fortunate enough to be involved with Jaide's scholarship enrolment, from day one; she has actively pursued every opportunity that the Academy has offered her.

Jaide is the consummate athlete. She and her mother Amanda have been to every education session and I continue to receive regular updates regarding her skating progress. We have had several meetings to discuss; getting 'race ready' and Jade has a hunger for knowledge.

Passion, courage, dedication and hunger, yes Jaide has it all. Her mum is her greatest supporter and Jaide's future is very bright."

Speed skating is very exciting and physically demanding, it has three distinct disciplines; track racing is on an oval flat track; road racing uses varied surfaces with a minimum 240m circuit, 5 metres wide and averaging 400m and 500m in length.

And banked track racing is usually reserved for International events, with races usually being held on a 200m oval track, which is slightly banked at either end.

Watson concluded by saying, "Jaide is competitive across the whole spectrum of events. She races every distance from the 100m sprints up to the 5000m endurance events and as she gains more maturity and strength, she will need to specify a race distance category.

Jaide is a racer through and through; she likes the centre dais most! Her preferred distance and ultimate sporting destination will be determined by her results."

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