Academy triathlon reaching new heights

Written on the 17 August 2018 by The District Reporter

The open water is very cold and the pre-dawn air will numb your fingers but things are starting to heat up within the South West Sydney Academy of Sport's (SWSAS) triathlon program. For the regions aspiring triathletes there really is no such thing as an 'off' season and the foundations of a successful seasons racing are often built during winter.

Triathlon NSW, which manage this exciting sport in NSW have again engaged the regional academies of sport, across NSW to provide 'bridging' opportunities for talent identified athletes.

The 2018-19 season will have some exciting changes come into place with regional academy athletes gaining increased exposure to national series racing. The regions athletes will be offered the chance to represent their academy program as part of team NSW.

The excitement of this experience will hopefully inspire and motivate our talent to aim even higher.

Macarthur Triathlon Club (MacTri) which provides wonderful opportunities for people at every level of this sport is a very important part of the success in this region.

Recent international representations and some stellar performances by club 'superstar' Natalie Van Coevorden including an 8th at World Triathlon Series Hamburg and 2nd in the Mixed Team Relay World Championship event have the membership and the broader triathlon community buzzing SWSAS has, for many years worked with our regions young triathletes, the majority coming from MacTri, to offer a vital performance based edge.

With 10 athletes gaining state selection, many of these representing at a national level already, the academy is providing great opportunity within its performance niche. Many of last year's graduates are indeed anxiously waiting to find out if they have gained selection into the Triathlon NSW development pathway program.

The nature of triathlon means that our young athletes will train as many as 10 sessions a week. A morning swim and an afternoon cycle are very much part of their lives.

Academy coach Guy Creber who is very well known and respected within this sport always has some great wisdom to offer. "Most of these athletes are pretty hungry for success so getting them fit is not that hard," Creber said.

"Our role is to make sure they have the skills to match their fitness and that they understand the importance of managing themselves well including recovery.

"Importantly too, we seek to make sure they are having a good time.

"One of our big priorities is to ensure we provide a comfortable environment for them to learn, develop and have fun.

"Friendships and camaraderie in a team or squad environment is a very important part of success. "Discipline and commitment become much easier to instil when athletes are happy. A holistic approach also fosters performance."

SWSAS is now accepting nominations for its triathlon program.

The academy will take as many as 10 athletes into the program and full details are available on the website.

For details about the academy call Gerry Knights on 02 4627 7622


Ella-Kate Hussein (pink cap) is
again getting ready take on the open
water. Ella-Kate is a representative pool
swimmer who last year gained selection
into the SWSAS program as a 'talent
transfer athlete'. Ella-Kate became a
draft legal cyclist and an accomplished
triathlete ranking 5th in her division in
the national series.





Macarthur Triathlons Billy Zavetsanos spent last season proving
that size is no barrier when it comes to speed. Billy is a 'rocket'
and at 13 years of age has already represented



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