BMX Riding Towards State Series Success

Written on the 22 May 2023 by SWSAS

BMX Riding Towards State Series Success

Ryder Nicholson in action at the NSW/ACT State Series in Maitland. 

The South West Sydney Academy of Sport Bounce Back Physiotherapy BMX Program, has been speeding ahead in the competitive world of BMX racing, showcasing unwavering dedication and exceptional talent throughout the first half of 2023.

The squad, which consists of 14 athletes, with six under the age of 15, recently embarked on an exhilarating camp in Tamworth, not only leaving their mark on the BMX track, but cementing their reputation as rising stars in the sport. The camp atmosphere proved to be a resounding success for the talented pool of athletes, who gained valuable experience training in a squad environment in preparation for the NSW/ACT State Series. 

Under the guidance of their dedicated program coordinators, Cara Wilde and Daniel Morris, the weekend featured a comprehensive program that focused on various aspects of BMX riding, including bike handling, cornering techniques, gate starts and race strategies. In addition to the intense training sessions, the riders also had the chance to participate in friendly races, allowing them to put their newfound skills to the test.

“The weekend not only provided a platform for individual growth but also fostered a strong sense of camaraderie and teamwork amongst the riders. The athletes showcased their skills, determination, and team spirit during their time in Tamworth. The camp provided a valuable opportunity for the riders to enhance their training, learn new techniques and bond with fellow teammates.” said Academy Sport Services Coordinator Catarina Di Ramio. 

The athletes were able to take these refined skills and put them into practice during Round 4 of the NSW/ACT State Series in early May, in Maitland. Having now had the experience of the country tracks, the athletes demonstrated their mastery of the sport and in the process displayed unparalleled speed and technique as they tackled the track.

“The squads exceptional performances left an indelible mark on the competition, with several athletes achieving remarkable results across different age and gender categories.” added Di Ramio.

In the Male Cruiser 13–14-year-old category, Academy athletes Aston Holohan finished in 10th Place, whilst in the Male 14-Year-Old Cooper Young finished the best of the Academy athletes in 9th, with fellow athletes Corey Wickham, Aiden Christiansen, and Aston Holohan in 11th, 13th and 14th Place respectively. In the Male Cruise 15-year-old category, Ryder Nicholson had an outstanding race to finish in 5th Place and backed it up finishing 10th in the Men’s Junior Superclass division. In the Male 16-year-old category, Isaac Robinson and Daniel McDonald placed 9th and 11th respectively, whilst Clay Jonson took out 9th in the Male 17-24-year-old division.

Not to be outshone were the Academies two female riders, with Kiara Dewhurst finishing 7th in the Female 14-Year-Old category, whilst after finishing 9th in the Junior Women’s division, Skylar Murphy then set her sights on finishing an impressive 15th in the Male 15-year-old category.

“The younger athletes in the program displayed immense potential and determination. Their performances demonstrate the culminations of their hard work, dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence.” Said Di Ramio, commenting that the athletes are now looking forward to several more training camps as they continue to aim high ahead of the next rounds of the NSW State Series.

“It has been a successful first half of the year for these athletes as the Academy marks another milestone in the BMX squad’s journey, providing valuable experience and inspiration for the young riders within the program. The Team is poised for an exciting future, and their achievements are sure to serve as an inspiration for aspiring BMX riders throughout the South West Sydney area.” said Di Ramio.

Looking ahead, the BMX program shows no signs of slowing down, with their sights set on future performance opportunities, the athletes remain committed to pushing their boundaries, setting new goals and constantly striving for improvement.


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