2024 Your Local Club NSW Academy Games Results

Written on the 17 April 2024 by RASi

2024 Your Local Club NSW Academy Games Results

VIA Regional Academies of Sport.

For the third and last time, the Southern Sports Academy (SSA) welcomed the 2024 Your Local Club Academy Games from Friday, April 12th, to Sunday, April 14th. More than 1,200 athletes and their families from 11 Regional Academies across NSW converged on Wagga Wagga to vie for victory in this exciting tournament. Check out the results below:




1st – CCAS

2nd – SSA

3rd – IAS

9th - SWSAS



1st – SSA

2nd – CCAS

3rd – SESA

9th - SWSAS



Friday/Saturday Individual:

Girls Scratch Winner – Savannah Webb (WSAS)

Girls Scratch Runner Up – Sage Laird (IAS)

Girls Nett Winner – Lucy Bowyer (SWSAS)

Girls Nett Runner Up – Priya Singh (SWSAS)

Boys Scratch Winner – Oliver Nelson (SSA)

Boys Scratch Runner Up – Lachlan Lawson (HAS)

Boys Nett Winner– Ethan Russell (WRAS)

Boys Nett Runner Up – Finn Whitelock (SESA)



Div 1

1st WRAS

2nd SSA

3rd Metro Sth

4th SESA


Div 2

1st Metro Nth

2nd Hunter

3rd Illawarra

4th WSAS


Div 3






1st – SSA

2nd – HAS

3rd – Sydney Metro

5th - SWSAS



1st – NIAS

2nd – HAS

3rd – IAS




MVP SWSAS - Girls: Jasmine Kaur

MVP SWSAS - Boys: Myron Dsouza


Indoor Volleyball


1st – SWSAS 1

2nd – NCAS 1

3rd – IAS

5th - SWSAS 2



1st –SWSAS 1

2nd – NCAS 1

3rd – HAS

4th - SWSAS 2



SWSAS 1 - 3rd Pool A

SWSAS 2 - 8th Pool B


An MVP from each team was announced, as follows:

Pool A: Sienna Liva (HAS 1), Anna Steven (IAS 1), Alliera James (NCAS 1), Ava Charles (SNA Blue), Scarlette Duddle (SNA Yellow), Saige Tautalafua (SWSAS), Hannah Knobbs (WSAS 1).

Pool B: Jemma Wooden (CCAS 1), Emma Cooke (HAS 2), Rowina Mataiti (SWSAS 2), Maya Caulfield (SNA Red), Clodaugh Carroll (SNA White), Evie Henley (SSA 1), Ava Francisco (WRAS 1), Winny Lual (WSAS 2)

Pool C: Gemma Rooke (CCAS 2), Sienna Marchant (FWAS), Giselle De Jonge (IAS 2), Delika Boney (NIAS), Torrez Attwood (SESA 1), Tali Fellows (SSA), Laila Hickling (NCAS 2), Mikayla Smith (WRAS 2).




A Boys Final

1st – Ben Devries

2nd – Alex Eason

3rd – Grady Platt

5th - Joshua Persen


A Girls Final

1st – Charli Lehmann

2nd – Madeline Platt

3rd – Petra Fransen


B Boys Final

1st – Jethro Gosson

2nd – Phoenix Jackson

3rd – Benjamin Hiusman

4th - Matthew Fosse


B Girls Final

1st – Emily Rice

2nd – Ria Havlicek

3rd – Annika Ingwersen

4th - Zoe Bruce

11th - Alyssa Persen



C Boys Final

1st – Leif Ingwersen

2nd – Isiah Ryan

3rd – Lucas Doherty

6th - Lachlan Arentz


C Girls Final

1st – Halle Potter

2nd – Tia Hart

3rd – Annika Huisman


Junior Team Relay

1st – HAS Junior 1 (Lucas Doherty, Zara Campbell, Grady Platt)

2nd – ROSTA/ACT Jnr (Ben Devries, Annika Ingwersen, Austin Crump, Ash Watts)

3rd – Mixed Orange Jnr (Sam Bayada, Halle Potter, Will Robinson, Zoe Bruce)

5th - Mixed Duo Plus (Josh Persen, Kayla Hart, Hamish Kirkman, Kade Burgess)


Youth Team Relay

1st – ROSTA Youth Fluro (Phoenix Rostron, Charli Lehmann, Leif Ingwersen)

2nd – Youth Mixed White (Alex Mackie, Ria Havlicek, Alex Eason)

3rd – Youth Mixed Lime (Bryson Norris, Ariella Northery, Zac Green)

5th - Youth Mixed Yellow (Phoenix Jackson, Alyssa Persen, Lachlan Arentz)

7th - Youth Mixed Orange (Ben Green, Annika Huisman, Matthew Fosse)


The 2024 Your Local Club Academy Games is proudly supported by Your local club, the NSW Government, Wagga Wagga City Council, Active Health Riverina, Southern Cross Austereo, Regional Academies of Sport and Southern Sports Academy. Full results from the tournament can be found on www.academygames.com.au



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