Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast is a vital component for optimal sporting performance, and as an Athlete it is important to fuel your body sufficiently to meet the neccersary energy requirements.

Eating a good breakfast when you get up, or directly after training will be an important start to how you fuel your day. Putting the right energy in around training will mean you have energy to burn and be more likely to train harder and better.

What makes a good breakfast?

  • Use real foods - not processed or packaged
  • Start the day with protein - look for good protein sources
  • Prioritise making or prepping breakfast in advance - make a plan
  • Set the day up right - never skip breakfast
  • Keep it simple - this is one meal that works best with routine


"Start a new healthy habit, if you make smart choices for breakfast in the morning, you are more likely to make smart food choices throughout the day" SWSAS.

coconut chia pudding
breakfast burritos
apple cinnamon pancakes

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