Sport Program Framework

Using the Athlete Lifecycle at its foundation, the South West Sydney Academy of Sport has grouped the desired components and elements of the NSW Office of Sport FTEM model into the five areas of a South West Sydney Academy of Sport Athlete’s lifecycle to provide a sport program framework.

These five areas are;

  • Individual Skill Development
  • Targeted Sports Education
  • Sports Science / Strength and Conditioning
  • Performance Opportunities
  • Wellbeing and Support Services

The level of detail provided in the framework provides the leaders of our sport programs, our coach and support staff, a clear structural framework to develop and implement their sport program outlines.

Included within the framework are targeted topics and key focus areas for our current and future program curriculum, as are required learning, program implementation guidelines and the key target outcomes for each component.

This framework also provides a detailed outline for discussion with State Sporting Organisations, program partners, and fellow Regional Academies to assist in the streamlining and inclusion of new and improved programs within the Academy family.

When developing each sport program within the framework model, the ideal minimum time on each component is often derived from the MoU, however an ideal program will contain a minimum of;

Individual Skill Development - 20 Hours

Sport Specific field / on-court training to develop and correct athletes fundamental skill and sport specific movement and performance knowledge.

Targeted Sports Education - 10 hours

Sport Education lectures or practical workshop sessions where the focus is on the athletes education within a sporting environment and not on skill development.

Sport Science / Strength and Conditioning - 20 hours

Made up of at least 8 hours education based, for example 3 hours theory and 5 hours practical correct technique demonstrations, plus the addition of at least 12 hours of "At Home" strength and conditioning programming.

Performance Opportunities - 24 hours

Minimum of 3 x Camp-based performance opportunities, including Academy Games, Day in the Life or other Performance-based day/overnight camp.

Wellbeing and Support Services - 8 hours

Lectures, practical workshops, visits or one-on-one sessions with the Academy well-being team where focus is on the athlete as a Person, and not on Performance.


82 Hours "athlete to coach contact" per program

Athletes participation within the framework therefore is approx 75% focused on sport specific practical skills based training and performance, with around 25% of the athletes time within the Academy spent in classroom / lecture based training across the five components.

What can you expect from the framework?

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