Athlete Sports Education

The Holistic Athlete

The Academy recognises the need to support and develop the total individual, not just their athletic performance (Holistic approach). The targeted sports education component focuses on providing skills that will assist the athlete both inside and outside of competition and training.

Consistent review of the educational topics provided and available takes place resulting in a far more concise, broader range of sports education activities that squad programs can undertake. This has resulted in the inclusion of assessable items, with athletes required to commit some time to study for the sports education program. Greatly emphasizing the mental aspect of the 'game' on and more importantly off the field.

Athletes will undertake study from a selection of core and elective subjects available in both face to face, and online lectures; as well as through practical situations, to complement their sports specific on-field training program.

The Academy continually explores options with educational service providers to value-add to the targeted sports education component, with several regional education providers already partnering with the Academy in the development of this program. These partnerships enable the Academy to provide fresh, age-appropriate, and current material to our athletes and coaches.

Academy athletes as a 'whole of Academy', will undertake a number of similar educational topics at the 'Academy Day'; this opportunity will be taken to have as many athletes and their respective squads undertake education at the same time to allow all academy athletes to meet and interact with each other, as a collective Academy unit.

Whilst an athlete's particular sport program may not continue for the whole year, athletes will have up to a full twelve months of their scholarship period to complete any of the program's online or assessable education components. This will allow ample time should an athlete miss a session due to illness, or competition at a higher level.

Targeted Sports Education

Athlete Sports Education is a key focus of the South West Sydney Academy of Sport. Every athlete that participates within the Academy's scholarship program is exposed to a primarily off-season, educationally based program which factors in each sports on-field skill component and recognises the level of coaching athlete's receive with their local clubs, and the requirements of the State Sporting Organisation.

The Academy recognises the need to support and develop the total individual, not just their athletic performance. The athlete education program focuses on providing skills that will assist the athlete both inside and outside of competition and training. The aim is to help athletes reach their sporting, educational, vocational, and personal goals through three primary areas: Sport Psychology, Training Principles, and Personal Development.

Athlete Education Modules

South West Sydney Academy of Sport in collaboration with Regional Academies of Sport, and Clubs NSW have developed a series of short online courses to assist in your development as not just an athlete, but a leader in the community. Click on the topics below to get started on these FREE courses for Athletes. 

Additional Resources and Highlights

This section features additional education resources highlighted from our own YouTube Channel as well as other very credible education providers in sport. This page is updated regularily as new information and eduction content becomes available online. Bookmark and scroll through clicking on the links provided to expand.

SWSAS Programs GO ONLINE - lets get started with Nutrition!

In this video we look at the first online education module SWSAS is providing for Athletes in collaboration with RASi and ClubsNSW.

With several modules in the works being rolled out over the next few months Athletes are encouraged to complete each module in small groups coordinated by Coaches and Managers of each sporting program.

Take a look at new pages created on the SWSAS website and follow along to make yourself this


#swsasathletes #swsasonline


SWSAS Focused, Motivated and Dedicated - our very own Sports Program Manager 'Walking the Walk'

In this video we gain some insight into how athletes think and eat. Even at the most basic level, nutrition is important for athletes because it provides key sources of energy required for optimal performance.

Here we focus on Carbohydrates, as this is the main source of energy that powers your intense exercise regime, and protein which is required to aid muscle growth and repair.

James is doing a great job as Sports Program Manager at SWSAS. Something many of you may not know, is that he is a hugely dedicated athlete in the sport of Marathon and Ultra Marathon

(basically a crazy runner).

SWSAS Athlete makes Acai Bowl!

Here we have SWSAS Netball Athlete - Amy Younie showing us how to prepare her favourite morning breakfast, the ever popular ACAI BOWL!

"The simplest ingredients create the best foods" Amy.


  • Frozen Passionfruit
  • Frozen Banana
  • Frozen Strawberry
  • Frozen Mango
  • Frozen Pineapple
  • 1 cup Milk
  • Toppings:
  • 1 tablespoon Chia Seeds
  • 1 tablespoon Pepitas
  • 3 tablespoons granola

Check it out Try it for yourself, and most importantly, ENJOY!

High Performance at Home Series by NSWIS

Join the NSWIS team of world class experts as they provide a range of tips, advice and workout routines for the community.

  • Easy workouts for the home (bodyweight and equipment)
  • Strength and flexibility workouts & routines
  • Nutrition tips and meal ideas
  • Tips to stay focused and mentally healthy during COVID-19
  • Expert advice to get the most out of your exercises

The NSWIS team are utilising their knowledge and experience with some of Australia's top athletes to provide free tips and advice in order to support the wider community currently working and exercising from home.


Ella-Kate Joins SWSAS Moves... Let's Get Movin!!

SWSAS Moves!

Athletes are already logging some impressive stats since we launched SWSAS Moves just days ago.

Here we see Ella-Kate excited to be a part of this new SWSAS community initiative, which is proudly supported by 

Campbelltown Catholic Club

Simply join SWSAS Moves on the STRAVA App, log your training whatever it may be, and engage with your fellow SWSAS Athletes helping each other to stay consistent, positive and motivated.

SWSAS Athletes Getting Creative

Amy Younie - South West Sydney Academy of Sport Netball Athlete getting creative at home and finding new inventive ways to train!

Great stuff Amy getting the work done, staying committed to your goals and making the most of your spare time

We hope you enjoy this Fast Forward Friday video - from team SWSAS.

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